Guitar Mag interview Matchless owner, Phil Jamison

The Guitar Mag have met up with head designer and co-owner, Phil Jamison to discuss the history of this influential Amp Company and all things Matchless!

In the article Phil talks about the new Laurel Canyon-

While early classics like the DC30 and the 15-watt Lightning might remain company flagships, several of Jamison’s own designs of the latter era have won plenty of fans, too. The three-channel Independence, the DC30-meets-EL34 Phoenix, and the Avalon (“one of my most favorite amps I’ve ever designed. They just sound completely incredible!”) have all helped to push the envelope for the premier maker of point-to-point valve architecture, and there’s another brand-new creation for which Jamison also has high hopes: the Laurel Canyon.

“It’s our very first 6V6 amp,” he explains. “I’ve done a 20-watt version with two 6V6s, and I just built our first 40-watt with four of them. It’s kind of a spin-off on what we’re famous for, but it’s got a midrange control instead of it being fixed. And I’ve changed quite a bit of the circuit for a specific sound that I was going for, kind of that crash-and-burn ’66 thing. Nails the old Neil Young stuff, Rolling Stones. I was really going for the whole essence of the Laurel Canyon sound, of players back in the late 60s and 70s who were in that [southern California] scene.

“Right now it’s one of my most favorite amps. I think it’s just because it’s something different. It’s such a departure from that EL84 sound, and it doesn’t sound like [an EL34-based] Clubman or a Chieftain either, it’s just got its own thing.”

Onward and upward, then, with the Jamison era of a legendary boutique guitar-amp maker!

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