New Macmull shipment arrives this week!

Who are Macmull?

Macmull's overall attention to detail is incredible. However, to recreate the legendary tones of old guitars, they had to develop a master plan that allows them as a company to keep a high level of consistency between every guitar they make. The critical element here is understanding and controlling the complex relationship of all the guitar parts, including its entire electronic layout.

They painstakingly match wood, components, electronics and pickups until everything works in total harmony. The RVT System (REAL VINTAGE TONE) is a crucial element in creating the legendary vintage tone.

We have the following models on the way-

Macmull S Classic Black Hard Relic £3995
Macmull Heartbreaker NOS Sunburst £3995
Macmull Stinger Vintage White £2395
Macmull Stinger Greeny Placid £2395
Macmull Stinger Trans Dark Cherry £2395
Macmull Stinger Superlight Three Tone Burst £2795

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If you would like more info or would like to pre-order any of these please let us know!