Scream like only an I-Scream can Scream!

Shipping next week from Sunny Cali to Rebellion! The brilliant new pedal from Iconic Guitars! 

They’ve designed this pedal to be a serious tone sculpting tool that offers a wide variety of driven sounds that compliment any guitar and amp combination you throw at it! More than just another pedal with a TS vibe, this one has some thoughtful enhancements that offer much greater tonal flexibility. The magic is in the “scream” knob which adds sustain and an almost compression like effect that is just perfect for a great lead tone!

The mini-toggle offers two gain stages ranging from a gentle tap on the shoulder to the front end of your amp to a full-blown punch in the gut! The tone knob is not your typical “sounds good in a couple of spots” knob. They’ve designed it to have a very precise sweep, providing usable tones in any setting and allowing you to find just the right setting for your sound! We all want an inspiring tone that pushes our playing to another level, right? With the I-Scream, we’re confident they’ve designed an overdrive pedal that will be an integral part of your quest for the “perfect” drive tone! Ready to make your tone, scream?

Check out the I-Scream!