The Anderson Wedgie Neck!

The A-Wedgie neck joint is Tom's own design that completely locks the neck to the body of an electric guitar. Traditionally, 4 bolts were used to keep the neck from shifting, but the patented A-Wedgie joint is a 3-dimensional trapezoidal wedge structure that needs only 2 bolts and yet still keeps everything locked in place.

What does this mean for guitar players? A neck that's always in perfect alignment, while still providing the ultimate sonic transfer, thanks to a larger contact surface.

With a sculptured neck heel and two machine screws to keep everything together, the Anderson neck joint is a perfect example of Tom's determination to make things better. It's a brilliant design!

We have lots of these amazing guitars on order for our customers and stock, so if you don't see the perfect guitar on our website or you would like to spec up your very own guitar from scratch, contact us, and we'll talk you through all of the options available. We have been selling these fantastic guitars for over 25 years!