We came up with what we think is a really cool project. Earlier in the year we asked three of our favourite pro guitar players to spec up their dream Tom Anderson Guitar. We gave them a free reign to tick any spec box they wanted, choose whichever model and any finish. What we ended up with was three very different guitars, all torally personal to the guys that specced them and all killer specs! 

Thom Pankhurst - Angel, Arctic Blue Burst
Simon McBride - Drop Top, Sheer Bora Bora Surf
Danny Dela Cruz - Drop Top, Deep Tobacco Fade

These guitars are due to land with us in the next week and once here we’ll be photographing them, getting them on our homepage and then shipping them to all of the guys for them each to do a video on why they chose each guitar, what influenced their spec choices and finally a run through of the different tones of each model.

All three of these amazing guitars will be available shortly after they arrive so if you are interested or would like more info please email us.