About Us


Here at Renegade, we don't sell the expected or mundane. We have exclusive relationships with the worlds leading and disruptive challenger brands. These are the brands that are redefining the industry and igniting fire and fury into the world of guitars.

Email: info@renegadeguitarco.com
Telephone: +44 (0) 333 050 9553 

Renegade Guitar Co
The Old Bank
9 Long Street
GL11 4HL
United Kingdom


Our brands include:
 Tom Anderson Guitars, Matchless Amplifiers, Macmull Guitars, Mezzabarba Amps, Patrick James Eggle, Vahlbruch FX, Dophix Pedals, Rock n Roll Relics, Luxxtone Guitars, Grove Guitars and more.


- Co-Founder / Head of Sales / Shoe-Gazing Fanatic.

After spending his teenage years playing bass in a shoegazing, indie band and owning a Graphic Design Business at 22 Mark got a job with Jeff Pumfrett at Machinehead Music. He then moved on to an 11-year career in Distribution and worked for Taylor Guitars, Digitech, Washburn, Hughes and Kettner amongst others. He then moved to Somerset, met up again with Jeff and they started World Guitars and then went own to own and run the shop. He has now left World Guitars to focus on the Renegade Guitar Co.


"Renegade was a fantastic opportunity to do something very different in an industry that I love, at a time when there are some exciting and incredibly talented builders on the scene." - Mark

When not ordering product, doing technical support, staring at Excel documents and talking to Dealers, he attempts to cook, record music and play computer games.


- Co-Founder / Head of Design and Marketing / Pentatonic Addict.

Malc has always been, above all else, obsessed with two things, guitars and creative design...

Owning a very successful Creative Design and Marketing Agency, Renegade came along, and he now finally gets to do both at once! As brand director he is responsible for everything Creative at Renegade, including the website design, marketing, photography and social media. He also utilises his agency to carry out marketing and design for some of the brands we stock, which puts us in a very unique place in terms of what we can offer our brands.



"My dream has always been to combine my obsession for guitars with my passion for helping brands grow through creative design. I couldn't miss out on this opportunity." - Malc


James O'Neill

- Head of Technology / Token Non-Guitarist.

James is responsible for the Renegade online store, making sure it works smoothly and looks amazing, as well coming up with new ways for us to showcase our cool product range to you.

After teaching himself to code in 2012, James has worked with Malc ever since, collaborating closely on numerous projects. When Renegade started he was a natural fit for the team since his skills would allow us to make our customer experience the best it can be.

Now there's no easy way to break this next news but James... Well, James doesn't actually play the guitar! Or any other instrument for that matter. Yes, we know, this cannot be allowed to continue; so we've made a deal with James: when the current lockdown eases he's finally going to learn to play. Keep an eye out for updates on this and maybe a few videos of his progress along the way.