Exclusive UK dealers of Tom Anderson Guitars

Mark from Renegade - My personal history goes way back with Tom Anderson, right back to the early '90s when I worked at Machinehead Music and they were one of the first UK stockists. When Jeff sold Machinehead, took a break and then started World Guitars a few years later, he continued stocking Tom Anderson Guitars. I went to work with Jeff again a few months after World Guitars opened and stayed there for over ten years. Over this 30 year period, I am lucky enough to have specced up and seen thousands of these incredible Guitars. Now at Renagade, we have continued our relationship, and we are once again the exclusive Tom Anderson dealer in the UK.

We will be building up our stock and the content on the website over the next few months and our new Store, The Old Bank, opens in January 2021, so we'd love you to come down and check out some of these awesome Guitars.

In the meantime, if you would like us to help you spec out your dream Tom Anderson, please fill in the order form CLICK HERE select Renegade Guitar Co as a dealer, and it will come straight to us for a quote. If you need any help or advice, please email us at info@renegadeguitarco.com, and we'd love to help.