Luxxtone Guitars

Luxxtone GuitarsA true California custom brand.

Luxxtone Guitars are hand made instruments that fuse San Dimas era designs with vintage looks for some of the coolest hot-rod guitars coming out of California today!

Luxxtone Guitars owner, Jerry Bizon, has been repairing and building guitars for nearly 30 years. He moved to LA over 20 years ago he spent years on the road as a highly sought after guitar tech for numerous famous artists. He is now the current artist technician for Fender, Gretsch, Charvel and Jackson Guitars, working with many of the world's most famous bands and artists including Stone Sour, The Edge, Guns N' Roses, Queens of the Stone-age, Foo Fighters, John 5, Flea, Bob Dylan, AC/DC, John Mayer and many more!

Luxxtone Guitars is a genuine California custom brand. They set out to take the best of the vintage designs from the past and meld them with modern innovations of today. They are dedicated to producing some of the coolest looking, best playing and unique guitars available! Each one is made using only the finest quality parts and materials, coupled with their own proprietary hardware and designs.

Extreme attention to detail is key. From perfectly level and mirror-like frets for fast action to unique finishes and custom fabricated's what they're all about.



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