Separate from our main display area, we have created a stunning Gallery style showroom

Our Background

We are huge fans of boutique guitar, amp and pedal builders, you guys who are already influencing the guitar industry. Over the last 30 years, we have been involved with helping some awesome brands establish themselves, not only in the UK and Europe but Worldwide, including Ibanez Guitars, PRS Guitars, Tom Anderson, Nik Huber, Rock n Roll Relics, Luxxtone, Smitty and many more.

With this in mind, we have planned something very special at The Old Bank.

the plan

We know it takes a lot of work to get your guitars into stores, into people's hands and out into the world. At the Renegade Guitar Co, we understand how hard it is to grow your brand and in our pursuit to help you do this, we have designated an area in our beautiful store, The Old Bank.

Separate from our main display area, we have created a stunning gallery, an exhibition-style showroom that will be dedicated to boutique builders; it's beautifully lit, has the original Victorian parquet wood floor and a large display wall.

display, photography and website

We will create your own space on the wall and get our Museum style cards printed featuring your brand and the guitar's spec. We will also take professional quality photographs in our studio and display your brand in a special section of our website, which you are welcome to direct your customers to. We can securely handle any sales for you and will take a small commission.

The vault

Right next to the gallery, we also have the original bank Vault, which we have refurbished into a custom order room, a place where we will help your customers spec up and design their perfect boutique guitar or amp. It is a stunning environment to discuss your customers' order, surrounded by great tops, pickups, and hardware.

social media

Not only will we support you on our social media channels, but we'll also use our relationships with all the influential guitar-based social media channels and magazines to market your guitars and amps to the right audience. This will include running ads to market the Vault Takeover concept. We will use our own Instagram account, plus we also have an Insta channel called 'the vault takeover' that you can use to push your brand.


We'll also help you to organise events at the Old Bank. Invite your existing and potential customers to come and see your products in a unique space. We will support these fully and use our own database and media contacts to help push your event. Where possible, we also can arrange to have some of our YouTube players attend and help support and promote your products. In addition, we can organise a drink and foodservice.

The Vault is a resource to help get you exposure to a larger audience than you could ever do on your own and is the place to be right now if you are a smaller or new builder!

studio and live room

Besides a beautiful room to showcase your gear, we are about to start installing a full recording studio and live basement venue for recording and live streaming video, etc. We'll do whatever we can to help to further establish your brand not only in the UK but worldwide. We have a full roster of YouTube artists available and can produce lots of high-end content to help market your brand.


The Old Bank is in a great location, just off the M5 in the southwest of England, close to Bristol airport and a direct line from Paddington Station. There's free parking 200 yards from the store and a Hotel at the end of the road, which we have negotiated special rates with. Any special travel requirements, from Bristol Airport, for example, can also be organised.