The Xroads (Crossroads) pedal allows you to connect two amplifiers and a tuner, switch between the amplifiers, run them both at the same time, or mute them for silent tuning and guitar changes. The active signal-splitter includes super-low noise high-end audio signal buffering. This ensures a constant load to the connected guitar, regardless of whether one or both amplifier outputs are active, thereby resulting in a highly consistent guitar tone. The low impedance of any output is easily capable to drive even very long cables without any loss of signal clarity, transparency or dynamic. Generated from your 9V power supply, the Xroads pedal internally operates at 25 volts for maximum dynamic headroom.

The high-end active audio circuit provides ultra-linear frequency response, perfectly suited for all types of instruments, magnetic or piezo pickups. The Xroads employs a unique self adjusting ground balancing output circuit which intrinsically eliminates ground loops and makes a ground switch obsolete. Simply adjust the correct phase between your amps and you are ready to go. The signal switching is 100% silent due to the micro-controlled dynamic signal routing. Two of my unique "MagTraB"-buttons toggle between the two amplifiers, both amplifiers on, or muted at the same time, for silent tuning and guitar changes. To activate the mute simply hold down the left MagTraB button for a second.